We’re Back


Actually, we never left.

But some of you may remember us as the publishers, writers, designers and photographers of Yes Magazine, the official fanzine of the band. Yes Magazine was an actual printed magazine, published from the summer of 1987 (we officially launched at YesCon ’87 in Cherry Hill) through the winter of 1999. The span of our run saw the rise of the Internet, and we soon had a website, a merchandise business that helped fund the mag, and started producing official tour merchandise, CD (and cassette tapes!) package designs, video laser discs, and often wrote official record company press kits, liner notes and more for the band. We ceased publication exhausted, exhilarated, and fully content that we’d said all that we had to say in print about the world’s greatest band.

And while we’ve continued to help out all along the way, still designing album packages, tour books, taking photos and the like, we never expected to want to start publishing again.

Until now.

Why now?

We’ll explain in our next post. Be sure to hit the FOLLOW button at the bottom of the page to stay up to date with the latest info from this site!

It’s great to be “back!” 😉

Doug & Glenn

Complete Set of Yes Magazine Covers

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  1. Is there any chance at all of the back issues of Yes Magazine being available in electronic or indeed any form? At the time they were published I was a student who couldn’t afford the postage to the UK but have seen various glimpses of them online. I would happily pay for good quality PDFs

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