Gottlieb Bros. Package Design: Nexus by S&V (Steve Howe & Virgil Howe)

NEXUS : By Virgil & Steve Howe album cover. Design by Gottlieb Bros.

What an honor it was to have been invited into this wonderful family project. Nexus looked to be the beginning of a beautiful new collaboration between father and son. The music was fresh sounding — and very beautiful, judging from the handful of early, premastered tracks Virgil shared with us. Even the cover painting was to be a family affair —  it was done by young Zuni Howe, Virgil’s daughter.

We were devastated to learn of Virgil’s passing. Though we’d only just started to get to know him, he was clearly a talented, gentle soul.

Our thoughts and support continue to go out to the entire Howe family.

Nexus will be released in the U.S. on November 17, 2017 by Inside/Out Music.

(Photo of Virgil & Steve Howe by Stephanie Howe)