You Must See this Amazing Classic Yes Performance of “The Gates of Delirium” from 1975

Relayer remains one of our all-time favorite Yes albums. The album has a grittier, harder edge than most of the catalog, and saw the band shifting gears following the gentler, more pastoral Tales From Topographic Oceans.

The entire band really shines on this one: from the complex, high octane performances of Alan White and Chris Squire, to Patrick Moraz’ electrifying keyboard work, Jon’s soaring vocals, and of course, one of Steve Howe’s most frenetically brilliant performances of all time. “Sound Chaser” and “The Gates of Delirium” rock like nothing before or after, and that incredible energy is balanced out perfectly by the sumptuous calm of “To Be Over.”

But when it comes to Yes epics, few can compare to “The Gates of Delirium.” So while we keep hoping for Yes to tackle Relayer on their album series concerts, here’s an extraordinary performance from 1975:

Here’s another great video from 1969