Yes’ Billy Sherwood on Topographic Drama & What Comes Next

Billy Sherwood accepted the torch passed to him from Yes’ “keeper of the flame” and has been running full speed with it ever since. His playing, his attention to detail and respect for the music, and even his showmanship seem to get better and better and better with each outing (see Is “Topographic Drama” Yes’ Best Ever Live Recording? and We’re Back Pt. 2 for more on this).

Yes' Billy Sherwood on the Topographic Drama Tour. Photo (c) Gottlieb Bros. 2016-2017
Yes’ Billy Sherwood on the Topographic Drama Tour. Photo (c) Gottlieb Bros. 2016-2017

Here’s an excerpt from our longer, forthcoming exclusive interview with Billy Sherwood. In the course of conversation, as he was putting the wraps on Topographic Drama, we had to ask what was next for the band:

I think eventually the band has to make a new record. I’m always asked that question. I think that part of it is the band just allowing for some more healing time since Chris’ passing and what we’re doing now. But I think that it’s amazing that the next Yes album is going to be what we’re talking about here, this live version of Drama and Tales, because it does harken back to those pretty important moments in Yes history. And it’s my first time playing bass for Yes. And this will be the first Yes album release without Chris Squire, which is mind blowing. That thought hit me as I was mixing and I had to take a minute to adjust that. And stop and have a moment. It’s a pretty historical. So I think with that context, this is a good bridge to wherever the next record is going to be made. We’ll just have to see when that happens. But I would imagine that the band is going to keep evolving in the way that it always has. It has to.

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