Our Pentax Q7 Camera Video Review

We’re pretty obsessed with photography. The art. The craft. The masters. The educators. The gear: old, new, digital, analog, large format, medium format, full frame, half frame, color, black and white, c41, push process, alternative process, photo books, photo podcasts, photo videos on YouTube…

You get the picture.

We love photographing live music but also enjoy street photography, portraiture, landscape, urban landscape, pet photography… okay, okay. We won’t go on.

A while back, we decided to try our hand at doing a YouTube style camera review on a fun little cult camera, the Pentax Q.

It was our first try at one of these, and despite being a little rough around the edges, it’s been viewed more than 40,000 times.

These can be had rather inexpensively on eBay these days, as the wonderful YouTuber Matthias Burling’s latest post pointed out.

We thought we’d share this. Stick around (or fast forward) to sample street photography and video shot one day in Manhattan with this little gem.

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