This Amazing Video Will Let You Experience a Yes Classic as if for the Very First Time

We still love hearing it live.

We still love the epic studio recording.

But seeing Rick Beato’s amazing YouTube video was like experiencing “Roundabout” again for the very first time. And it still packs a mighty wallop.

“Roundabout” is Yes at their best. It features layer upon layer upon layer of brilliant, multi textured instrumentation and vocals that dance and weave seamlessly across genres, time changes and seemingly, time itself. As kids, we listened in awe. You can focus on what any one player in the band is doing and be inspired to want to pick up and learn that instrument. (Good luck with that, by the way!)

In those days we always wished that we could isolate and pick out specific parts. Fast forward a few decades and it is possible.

But placing one of our favorite recordings ever on the lab table under bright light and peeling it apart layer by layer hasn’t demystified it a bit. Yes, it’s only reaffirmed our love of this song and deepened the mystery: how did Yes ever do this? And can they, or anyone else for that matter, ever make music this rich, this ambitious, this insane ever again? We think this lineup of Howe, White, Downes, Davison, Sherwood, and Schellen is a lineup that just might do it. Here’s to what comes next.

Until then:

Watch. And be amazed. Share this post if you agree.