Must See: Amazing 8mm, 16mm & Video Compilation w Rare Footage of Yes’ 1978-79 Tormato Concerts

We were fortunate to see Yes twice during the Tormato tours in 1978, before the album was released, and then again after its release in 1979, both times at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

This incredible edit assembled and syncs silent amateur film footage, video, still images, and a bit of pro shot work to recreate Yes performing “In The Round” at at their best.

Here are the original poster’s notes. What a great job. Thank you for creating and sharing this Hed Gilboa!

A compilation of originally-silent 8mm audience-shot footage of Yes live and “In the Round” during the Tormato tour, combined with the Live at Philadelphia 1979 DVD.

Video sources are from the following shows:

Chicago 1978 (unknown source, supplied by Tim Webb)

Philadelphia 1978 (filmed by Mark Wagner, supplied by Shaun Toole)

Tulsa 1978 (filmed by Randal Brumley, supplied by John Starlock)

NYC 1978 (unknown source, supplied by John Starlock)

Montreal 1979 (unknown source, supplied by Peter Reid)

Philadelphia 1979 (filmed by John Witmer, supplied by Remy Menting)

Uniondale 1979 (filmed by TVR PRODUCTIONS)

NYC 1979 (unknown source, supplied by Tim Webb)

All audio is from the 1978 BBC London Wembley Broadcast, except:

Future Times/Rejoice is a mash-up of Richfield 1978 and Oakland 1978,

3rd Verse in Roundabout from Chicago 1979.


0:00 Close Encounters intro

1:35 Siberian Khatru

11:13 Heart of the Sunrise

21:33 Future Times/Rejoice

28:08 Circus Of Heaven

32:57 The Big Medley:

Time And A Word/Long Distance Runaround/

The Fish (inc. Survival and The Ancient)/Perpetual Change/Soon

59:38 Don’t Kill The Whale

1:03:44 Clap

1:07:59 Starship Trooper

1:17:52 On The Silent Wings Of Freedom

1:26:31 Awaken

1:43:34 I’ve Seen All Good People

1:50:41 Roundabout

Yes (were):

Jon Anderson

Steve Howe

Chris Squire

Rick Wakeman

Alan White